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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Issue 1 coming in December!

With the help of our good friend Mike (http://speakingofsegues.com) we were able to make high res scans of the pages for both issue 1 of “Here There Be Robots” and the 12 page mini-comic “The Map Incident” featuring Adam, Steve and Lackey for the upcoming Drunk Duck Book 3 (http://www.drunkduck.com)

The plan is to mail issue 1 for publishing on Saturday (I still have a little re-sizing to do), which means if everything goes to plan, we will have the books in hand by mid-December!

The books will be 32 pages, black and white, with a color cover. The first 28 pages are the comic which you can read on the main site (but buy the book anyway!) and the last few pages will feature some bonus material. This includes a behind the scenes article column by both Jeremy (the artist) and Jonah (the writer, that’s me). There will be pinup guest art featuring the characters, the first of 3 robot family trees.

I haven’t yet heard an official release date for the Drunk Duck book as of yet. The due date for all the artwork is Monday (10/31) and I know personally we’re 90% ready to go. All the art is done and scanned in. Now it’s just up to me to resize them and send the editor’s the files. I’m planning on having that done by Saturday as well.

It’s confirmed that we will be in at the Emerald City ComiCon (http://www.emeraldcitycomicon.com) Artist’s Alley. We were there last year and had a blast. http://www.randompiratecomics.com/webpages/comicon.htm

This year we will also be at Sakuracon (http://sakuracon.org) which I have attended several times, and has always been fun to go to. I’m just happy they finally moved it to a bigger building. This year, I’m hoping that it doesn’t feel like your stuck some sort of nerd filled underground cave. We do have a few things to get settled before we’re 100% confirmed, like getting our temporary business license, etc. but it shouldn’t be anything that keeps us from being there, comics in hand.


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