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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Printing/Site Update

We’re currently looking into printing alternatives, since our first choice is, as far as we can tell, still working through a huge backlog of orders (including our order for “Stupid on a Stick”, the Stickguy comic strip collection). As it stands, it looks like we should be able to get them done cheap enough that we can keep the price of “Here There Be Robot” #1 to about $4. At 28-32 pages (depending on the printer’s page requirements), that’s not a bad price.

If anyone has any suggestions for places to get the comics printed, please email me at thespambot@gmail.com


I’m still scripting Issue 2 and am on track of reaching my goal, which is to finish the first draft by the end of the week (Sunday). Jeremy is finishing up the last 3 pages of “The Map Incident”, which is our 12 page mini-comic to be published in the Drunk Duck collection #3. I can say this of the first 9 pages: Hi-freakin-larious. The art is really top notch on this one, and best of all it stars Lackey-bot!

I’m not sure of the exact release date of the book yet, but last I heard they were trying to get it out by late November. I will let you know as soon as I get a concrete date. Don’t forget we’re just one of many great comics that will be in the book!


The current site design has recently started to annoy me, and now I’m really pumped to get the new one done. We’re just waiting on getting our new logo finalized. It probably won’t look all that different, but if things go according to plan it’ll be easier for me to update.


If you haven’t seen Serenity yet, I would recommend doing so. Ok, so yes, being a fan of Firefly helps, but even if you weren’t, it’s still a good sci-fi flick. As for me, being a fan of the show, I was glad they wrapped up some of the loose ends the show was unable to get to. It was worth the wait. Now I just need to find myself a copy of the Firefly DVD’s, since they seem to have mysteriously vanished from store shelves…



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