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Thursday, October 06, 2005

To be a lazy bum....

Geoffio reporting:

After my long summer of work I am now ready to get to work on things that really matter... Making Jonah happy. :p Yeah so page ten of hammer is up now. And yes my art has gotten worse, BUT I think it will be okay because I will now be working on more pages, So if quality goes down its because quantity is going up. :P What between Hammer, True Facts, and the mysterious "Super" comic, I may never have time to draw well again. But that's okay cause its a joy to have lots to do. I just wish I had the drive to get it all done with speed and percision. Which is one of the many reasons why Here There Be Robots really should get more credit than it gets. Anyways. I am going to be updating again. Probably every Friday and tehn Truefacts on alternate thursdays or something.... Anyways. Keep an EYE out for all the great new things from RPC. Our Fall line really is quite exciting. hehe.

Geoffio Out


  • At 6:27 PM, Blogger Jonah Gregory said…

    now you just need to re-upload the hammer page since i'm a dork and copied over it for the 5th time :P


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