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Thursday, October 20, 2005


Upper Deck knew exactly what they were doing when they put a free foil card from their Superhero “Vs” card game in different comic books.

I opened my new issue of, I think it was Ultimates 2 #8, and there was a foil card of Hawkeye staring back at me.

Now let me say, I’m a sucker for games that force you to collect pieces by opening sealed boosters. There is a certain thrill you get at that moment when you open them, hoping for that super-rare character that otherwise you would have to spend a small fortune on eBay to get. There’s no denying it; it’s addictive. My own personal crack. You don’t have to look far in my photoblog (http://spambot.buzznet.com) to see that there is a section for gaming. I have enough Heroclix and Star Wars Miniatures to choke a camel, though I don’t think that would be very nice to either the camel or my collection.

So needless to say, Mike (http://itninja.buzznet.com) and I have played several rounds of Vs are now thoroughly addicted. It’s fairly easy to learn and is fast paced. It is much better than any of the other CCG’s (customizable card games) I’ve played in the past. Star Trek: TNG was the first, and was a total snooze-fest. Star Wars was better, but still seemed to barely crawl for a good portion of each game. So if you’re looking for something fun to blow your extra spending cash on, I’d recommend the Vs system.

I’m even considering making some custom “Here There Be Robots” cards…


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