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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Catching Up

I'm just getting over being sick, so there's a lot of stuff I'm behind on, like updating this news post/blog thing.

First off all:

I'd like to say a big thank you to Everett Comics & Cards for putting "Here There Be Robots" Issue 1 on the shevles.

We got in 150 copies of issue 1 just over a week ago, and we are already going to need to reorder so that we will be sure to have copies for Sakuracon and Emerald City Comicon. Once the cons are over and we take stock of how things are progressing, we will be setting up an online store so people can buy copies of the comic online.

In regards to this weeks update, you probably noticed it's page 4 and 5, since it's one of those nifty two page spreads. Jeremy is also interested in turning it into a poster, which will most likely be digitally colored by our good friend and fellow RPC'r Geoffio (though we haven't quite asked him yet).
You may have also heard that our friends at Drunk Druck have had bad times with their site, in that it died on them. Things are still trying to be situated for a book release, and we have let them know that they can still use our submission if they wish; However, we are planning on publishing those pages ourselves as a mini as well.
Because of these events, we're most likely going to take the copout of that technically this weeks update is 2 pages, since Jeremy is going to work on the cover art for the mini this week.

Good news about "Stupid on A Stick", the Stickguy collection that we were planning on printing a long time ago. Well ComiXpress is finally getting through there giant backlog of orders, so we'll actually have copies of that book in time for the cons as well. Good times.


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