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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Mini Comic Coming Soon

I have another thank you to send out, this time to The Comic Stop in the Everett mall. They have put copies of Issue 1 on their shelves. You guys rock!


Our mini comic, “The Map Incident”, is coming along nicely. The pages are done, and now the cover art is as well. I will be posting that on the main site later tonight. It’s a fun little story starring Lackey. I think you’ll like it.


Geoffio has some big changed for the website in the works. We aren’t sure when those will take effect, but the plan is to integrate everything into the site. This way the forum and the newsbox will both be part of the main site (and easy to maintain). We’re also hoping to have a way for people to leave feedback on the comic the way Drunk Duck used to let you (minus giving a “score”, which I always found a bit silly). This should also make updating the site really easy for us, which I’m looking forward to.


In unrelated to RPC news, Giollanté and the Micronians (http://www.Geoffio.com) are now able to practice on a regular basis, and things are progressing along nicely. We have a couple of “live” video’s that we may be putting on the band site soon. They aren’t perfect versions of the songs, but they were fun to do. We’re getting psyched about writing some new songs too, which the when and ifs will be posted as they happen.


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