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Thursday, January 05, 2006

I should have known

A couple of days ago I picked up a used copy of Meteos for the Nintendo DS. It’s a puzzle game in which different colored blocks are constantly falling, trying to destroy your planet. You can launch them back into space by lining up 3 of the same color either horizontally or vertically. It’s in the same vein as Tetris, but plays very differently. The game makes good use of the touch screen interface, since the blocks are controlled by dragging them up and down the rows. There’s no way you could react fast enough if you were using the d-pad for this game.

After playing off and on the last couple of days, I’m experiencing a strange phenomenon that I rarely ever have. Not since classic puzzle games like Tetris and Dr. Mario have I found myself seeing the game in front of my eyes when I’m not actually playing. It gets in your head and you just can’t stop thinking about it. Your brain spends hours working out different scenarios while you are busy doing other things. It gets worse at night.

Oh, how it gets worse. I actually was having a hard time sleeping because my brain was going a mile a minute playing the game without me. Is this a sign of a puzzle game junkie? Will I forever need to get a fix or face withdrawal symptoms?

Only time will tell. But I can say that I highly recommend Meteos for any and all DS owners.

Next on my list is Puzzle Bobble DS, known in the states as Bust-A-Move. I’ve been a fan of this series for awhile, and I hope the DS version lived up to the franchise.


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