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Monday, January 30, 2006

Minibosses rock

Jesse gave me a copy of the Minibosses’ new Brass LP, their first studio album, and I would recommend this one. If you’ve ever played one of those electronic video styled games, or if you like rockin’ guitar instrumentals, you will be happy with this CD. I can’t wait to see these guys live at PAX. I missed the show last year :’(

This weekend was pretty cool. Jeremy and I got together to do some scripting for issue 2 of “Here There Be Robots”. The process we’re using has evolved a bit over the last couple of weeks, and so far it’s working better than ever.

I come up with an outline for the issue that we’re both happy with, and then write a fairly loose script with dialogue that I then send to Jeremy. He reads through it and always comes up with some great ideas of things to add in and move around within that. Then we get together after he’s had a chance to do some sketch work and go through the pages to make a solid version of the page by page version of the script. I doubt it’s how the pros do it, but it’s working well for us. Issue 2 is shaping up to be even better than I had originally imagined. Good times.

After that the whole gang was in one of those can’t think of anything to do moods, so we played some Naruto 3 fighting game that Jesse and Kijan imported awhile back, which kicks butt once you get used to it (I personally hated it at first, but they kept forcing me to play, and now I like it). I’ve still never seen the show more than a few clips here and there, but I hear it’s all the rage. I’ll try to see some of it before Sakuracon so I’ll know what all the fuss is about.

Brittany and I are also starting to gear up for our Disneyland trip next month. There are still a few things we have to buy, like some warmer weather clothes. I’m told to be prepared for both heat and pouring rain, since it can go either way. Also, both of us are getting new glasses finally! We’re both going in Thursday for our eye exams. We should have our new glasses by the end of next week. I’m pretty stoked about this since I’m about a year and a half overdue for a new prescription and it’s really starting to show. I’m getting eye strain from my current glasses all the time lately and the constant headaches are a bit of a drag.


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