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Monday, February 13, 2006

Late Update

Don’t worry; the new page of “Here There Be Robots” will be up later tonight. Jeremy is in wholesale flower delivery as a driver, and with Valentine’s day tomorrow, he’s been working some crazy long hours. The new page is done and there is also a little surprise to show up later in the week;

New “Stickguy” strips!


That’s right! Jeremy has had ideas piling up for new Stickguy strips for several months, and has finally forced himself to start drawing them. His plan is to do one a week in addition to the new pages of HtbR. This is great news for us, since we will have more new content to update to the site on a regular basis.

We’re also hoping that Geoffio can start up Hammer again soon, but I know he’s been pretty busy lately, so we’ll just have to keep being patient for now.


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