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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Site Maintinence (Soon)

Some ideas for how the RPC site is structured hit me out of nowhere today, so I’m planning on working on those soon. I did some quick sketches on post-it notes so that I wouldn’t forget them.

Basically, I think I’ll be changing the file structure around a bit so that each comic has its own section of the site again. I’ll have to mess around with it and see what I come up with, but it should be good. I had some people asking for a main page that they can favorite for each comic, so that may be the way I go with it. One page would be that comic’s home page (“randompiratecomics/Stickguy” for example) which would always have the most recent strip posted to it, and then the old strips would be available via archive.

I was also thinking some kind of preview of whatever the most recently updated comic is would grace the main page, so that we have something visual (besides just text) that changes there on a regular basis.

Also I’ve had a few complaints about the black and white look. I personally think its cool, but I’ll try out a few things and see if I can find a color scheme that is more appealing.

Hopefully I’ll have some time to mess around with that tonight.


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