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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The trip down

Here is the first attempt at recapping my week off / road-trip to Disneyland:

It all started Wednesday when our hot water heater stopped working. Things always break down right before you leave for a trip, and since we were leaving Saturday morning, it was right on schedule. We had the plumber come take a look at it, but it turned out it wasn’t the heater at all, it was our breakers. Long story short, we didn’t have hot water when we left, nor when we got back. They are fixed now, thankfully.

We met up with the Bakers at about 10am and were all packed and on the road by 11, which was the plan. Mike and I took shifts on the drive down and other than a scare where we thought Finn was car sick, things were pretty uneventful. We did notice that the farther into the 22+ hour car ride we got, the shorter our shifts became.

(us before the trip)

(all our stuff/everyone getting ready)

About an hour outside of LA we stopped at a McDonald’s to use the restrooms. It was dark in there, so I took off the sunglasses that magnetically attach to my regular glasses. Then, through a bizarre happenstance, they flew out of my pocket just as I was flushing and were never to be seen again. For me, that was the only big bummer of the trip. I just bought these glasses and specifically picked a pair that had the Sunglasses that attach, and I had immediately lost them. I have to check with my optometrist’s office to see if they can order me replacements.

We got to the hotel a few hours early, but they were really cool there and let us check in anyway. We stayed at the La Quinta which was only a 5 minute drive away from Disneyland. I would recommend this hotel if you’re not planning on spending twice as much to stay at the hotel that’s right inside the park. The hotel staff was great, and the continental breakfast was surprisingly good.

Ok, I’ll have more on the trip later!


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