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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Con Sketchbook

I keep forgetting to post this, but I finished scanning in all the pictures from my con sketchbook. This was the first year I have done one of these, where you go around and bug other artists to draw in your book, but it went pretty well and I plan on doing it more often at cons.
I scanned and posted them all to the new sketchbook section of my photoblog, but here’s a taste:

(Sad Bunny by Geoffio)

(Bearclaw by Derek Hunter)

(Batman by Matt Wagner)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Open for Business!

I'm ecstatic to finally be able to announce that the RPC store is open for business!
We currently have all three books available to buy; “Here There Be Robots” Issue 1, “The Map Incident” (HtbR Mini Comic), and “Stupid on A Stick: A Stickguy Collection”.
The skull logo pins sold out at the cons, but we’ll be re-ordering them soon.
We will also start taking pre-orders for the skull logo shirts. They will look like the Cafépress version, except they will be high quality screen printed. We’re looking into our options for that now, and once we decide which company to go with, we will start taking pre-orders. There will also be a Pandorca shirt, which I know a lot of people are stoked about.

Monday, April 03, 2006

What a Con it was

What an amazing con this past weekend! My hats off to the Emerald City ComiCon staff; you guys put on an amazing show!
They also had pretty much the coolest shirts ever:

Like usual, our little rag-tag group got there a bit earlier than needed, but it always makes it a bit easier to get the table set-up when you're not having to worry about if you're going to make it before the doors open.
Geoffio came along with us and had his cool alien/pirate poster for sale, and also did some origial artwork. Jeremy also spent a lot of time sketching. He finished page 17 of issue 2 and also at least one new Stickguy strip (possibly more). We took turns watching the table so that we would all get a chance to hang out.

(Hard at work?)

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to blog all this, so I think I’m just going to list off some of the cool things that happened while we were there:
-We had a couple of people who came to the con specifically to see us and get copies of our book. We’re just starting out in this whole comic thingy, and to see that there are already people willing to support the book this way means a lot to us.

-I met Tim Sale, my all-time favorite Batman artist, and he did a Joker sketch in my book. After the show, without us knowing it, Brittany gave him a copy of our first issue. He said after he read it he’d email us and let us know what he thought.

-Our friend’s from Cartoonist’s Northwest were at the con. Many of them thanked us for pointing them to the company that did our buttons. I was happy to hear that they all got their own buttons done in time for the con, since they only found out about them two weeks ahead of time.

-Derek Hunter from Pirate Club came by our table. It seemed like Geoffio already knew him a bit, but he was a really nice guy and does a very awesome pirate themed comic. How can you go wrong with that?
He also drew me a sweet, sweet sketch of Bearclaw, my favorite character from his book. “I’m a bear. I eat salmon.”

-Gabe and Tycho. This was the second con in a row that we’ve been able to hang out with these guys, and I must say the seemed to be having a much more fun time at EC3 than last weekend (other than daylight savings time, that is). Tycho and I had a little Meteos rivalry going on, and I walked away with all but one victory. Tycho is definitely a worthy adversary at this game, and none of my victories were easily achieved. Also, Gabe took it upon himself to taunt Tycho during our later matches by randomly making the loosing sound from the game in Tycho’s ear.
The icing on the cake was that our battle was mentioned in Monday’s PA blog, and since we’ve had more hits than ever before (combined). I extend my gratitude for that.
Oh, and the rematch will be at PAX, unless we run into each other sooner…

(Clash of the Titans)