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Monday, May 15, 2006

Feulish Humans

We finally have a second vehicle!

A friend of my father-in-law was getting rid of a Chevy Blazer and didn’t want to bother selling it. This was great news for Brittany and me, since we’ve been trying to get a second vehicle for awhile now. We just didn’t want to go out and get ourselves into a bunch of debt by buying something we couldn’t pay off quickly.

I’ve actually been taking the bus lately, but it saves me a lot of time before and after work if I can drive myself to the bus station rather than catching a bus to the station and making a transfer.

Our Geo is supposed to be out of the shop today as well. Oh, you may mock the Geo, but I’d like to see your car get over 30 miles to the gallon. Biotch.


Speaking of gas mileage, I watched a recent episode of Myth Busters wherein they busted all the patented enhancement devices being sold online for regular cars. In fact most made the gas mileage worse. One thing I found very interesting was that in a diesel engine, you could power it with used vegetable oil without modifying the engine and it only lost 3 miles to the gallon over diesel gasoline.

They did make an interesting point about it on the show. Currently the used vegetable oil was free and people were just trying to get rid of it, but once companies knew you wanted it, they would start charging you for it.



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