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Friday, June 02, 2006

Site Renovation

I’m once again working on the website, since I never seem to be happy with the design every month or two.


This time I’m trying to give a little more of a professional look, and putting a few more graphics. I keep getting stuck in this black and white mode though. I did add some grayscale for a change, but I might have to go back through and add some color now. I keep looking at it and thinking how dark it looks. Oh, so dark…

I also made a big blunder and forgot to add a “store” button on the navigation bar.

I’ll keep working on it…


I’m also working on customizing the forum, so go sign up and post your suggestions!

I’ve already sketched out what I plan on changing the “new post”, “no new post”, “sticky”, etc. icons into. But I need to scan those in and try to make them look nice. I’m also still planning on customizing the smilies. There’s a thread here going about that right now, so check that out.


I hope everyone has a great weekend. I’m hoping to get a lot done, but we’ll wait and see. The best laid plans of mice…


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