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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

We've Moved!

In case you haven’t noticed, we have recently changed domain names from RandomPirateComics.com, to RandomPirateComics.net

Why would we do that? You may be asking yourself.

Well, here in interweb land there’s a little thing called “cybersquatting” wherein evil companies use bots, or malicious programs, to seek out sites with good page ranks (that is, sites that come up near the top during a search on google, yahoo, etc.) and the instant those names become available, they buy the domain.

Our previous host, doorhost, sold their company and there no longer appears to be anyone at the helm. Despite that I had already paid them to renew our domain and our hosting services, they did not do so, and we lost our domain name.


Now the good news;

There is a man by the name of John Hernandez who runs a webcomics community called the Rampage Network who had contacted us a couple months ago. He was interested in hosting Random Pirate Comics and making it a part of that community. Normally, comics have to apply for membership, but he approached us, which I thought was a pretty good sign.

Well, since things transpired the way they did with our old hosts, our minds were made up and we are now proud to be part of the Rampage Network.

This is a great opportunity for some cross-promotions with the other great comics hosted through the site, and we are looking forward to getting to know the other artists and creators on there.
We also have a new forum, which is part of the main RN forum. So, if you are already signed up because of one of the other comics, you can use your same account to post on our section. Neat, huh?


We have also purchased HereThereBeRobots.com, and Geoffio is working on making that it’s own sexy beast.



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