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Friday, August 11, 2006

It's A Secret To Everyone

I’m working diligently on the script for issue 3. Normally I’m done with the next issue’s script way in advance of us actually finishing the current issue, but sometimes life gets in the way. Things have been a bit crazy lately, and my mind has been elsewhere. This has all compounded in me not being in the mood to write for quite some time.

Then today, inexplicably, I all the little pieces of issue 3 that Jeremy and I have discussed all fell into place. These short little scenes that we wanted to include melded together in my mind in such a way that they make a coherent story, and in a reasonable amount of pages to cover in a single issue. I’m nearly done typing the outline, which once any other ideas have been incorporated will be used to write the actual script.

And of course, to keep the secrets of issue 3 from being leaked through the tubes that make up the interweb, we have to make sure every bit is encrypted. Every one and zero is changed through the power of technology to some other, much more random number. Say a 6 or an 8. If, for some unknown reason, we need to print a page, it is done so on paper so advanced, you can not only not photocopy it, it actually will break your digital copying device in the process. Now that’s what I call progress!


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