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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

King of Pac-Town

I’ve been feeling like the king of Pac-Town since I finished getting all the achievements for the 360 version of the game I’m obviously referencing. Brittany and I have been pretty addicted to our new gaming box and have been taking turns with a lot of different content provided therein.


We’ve been sharing a gamercard, since logging in and out of two accounts seems inefficient at best, and also makes getting to multiple save games a chore. On that note, the Kameo achievements are all her. I haven’t even played pased the intro level and she is already finished with the game. Not that I don’t like the game, in fact it’s a great throwback to Rare’s days of yore. There have just been other things on my plate…


Enchanted Arms has managed to hold my interest, even with other games in the house with names like Lego Star Wars II, Cloning Clyde and DOA4. It’s a feat that is not easy to achieve, as I’ve found my attention span for RPG’s, while I love the genre, usually does not last past the 15 hour mark.


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